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Authentic Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: AHRO) is a multi-faceted media and merchandising company with four operating subsidiaries.

Authentic Heroes, Inc.
Authentic Heroes, Inc., is our entrée into the world of event worn collectibles. After running successful test markets, we will now take the necessary steps to aggressively market our proposition to athletes, musical artists, and wherever there is an opportunity to showcase our one-of-a-kind “merch”. Our proposition allows the icon to potentially get a premium payout for their event worn clothing over a single sale at a typical auction house.

Through our patented technology, Authentic is the only company in the world capable of taking an “event worn” article of clothing, disassemble it to the very fibers that made the original, and then create a multiplicity of replicas containing the fibers of the original. The original fibers which we call our “Genesis Fibers” are highlighted so they can be seen with a UV penlight we supply with each purchase. In addition, we take authentication one step further by listing each limited-edition replica purchased on our Blockchain for provenance and immutability. Authentic Heroes is making it easy for everyone to own a piece of their favorite icons’ history at an affordable price.

Old is Gold Joint Venture
Through the exclusive licensing of 10,000 songs which are actual “Master Recordings” from the 1940s through the 1980s Authentic Holdings entered into the creation and distribution of Vinyl Records. In conjunction with the exclusive license for the Master Recordings we also signed a joint venture with Inventel Products which is an “As Seen on TV” marketing company with distribution into 150,000 retail doors ranging from Wal-Mart to Barnes and Noble.

We have produced 150,000 Vinyls for distribution into retail doors for the “Christmas in July” season. We are in discussions with several retailers for the creation of “theme based” music collections such as Mother’s Day as well as Black History Month and beyond. We will also look to either acquire or license the mechanical rights of other musical artists to add to our already large footprint of 10,000 songs.

Maybacks Global Entertainment
Our recent acquisition of Maybacks is a perfect fit for our multi-faceted approach to building a large media and merchandising company. Maybacks is a very fast growing “Over the Air” television network with highly experienced management. The “Cutting the Cord phenomenon, is rampant and Over the Air networks are seeing tremendous growth in viewership. In the 18–35-year-old category the industry saw a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (“CAGR”) of over 35% from 2021-2022.

Maybacks will be taking a unique approach to creating additional revenue streams outside traditional advertising revenue. Maybacks will be creating “revenue share” programs with worthy associations, businesses, and social media personalities in exchange for economically advantageous broadcasting access.

We expect to create both a revenue share program and equity ownership with each partnership we do. We are in varying stages of discussions with several entities ranging from shopping networks to lifestyle channels. Maybacks will become a mini-incubator for entities seeking a large audience for their programming that do not want to spend the money it takes to create a cable or satellite channel which runs hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum.

Taking our greatest asset which is access to the air waves and exchanging it for large equity stakes and revenue share programs will build our asset value going forward.

The NFT Mint Farm
The NFT Mint Farm is a project that has now been completed and is arguably one of the largest NFT Platforms in the world. It is capable of minting and hosting over 80,000,000 NFTs which is the current size of “Open Sea” the world’s largest NFT platform. It is also “Blockchain agnostic” which allow it to sit on top of any Blockchain and function.

We are now in the process of creating proprietary NFT projects within the music industry, a true utility project for what we like to call the “Orphan NFTs” which were the result of “rug pulls”. We are also in several discussions with fan driven NFT projects from the world of music and sports.

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